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Since 2012 Grodan organizes the International Propagation Seminar (IPS). Over the years, this event has become the international platform for propagators and their suppliers to exchange knowledge and offers excellent networking opportunities. In our ambition to further increase the impact of this event we identified new possibilities. We are very proud that the 2021 edition of the IPS was co-organized with specialists in the field of propagation. Together with Flier Systems and Propagation Solutions, we ensured that the IPS 2021 was even more packed with information, in-depth knowledge sharing, discussions, panels and worldwide networking possibilities.

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Because organising international meetings and events was not possible due to the Coronavirus, we decided to change the setup of the International Propagation Seminar on 23rd of September. On this day, we organised our first online International Propagation Seminar. This means we facilitated a content webinar of approximately 1.5 hour instead of the original 2-day program. The theme remained unchanged:


The biggest change is of course that we are not able to facilitate the networking part and the practical visits.  Nevertheless, we guarantee an inspiring program with fascinating speakers from different areas (eg. science, plant breeding, crop specialist) who will shine their light on the latest developments in the area of root zone management.


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The 8th Grodan International propagation seminar

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