Grodan demonstrates commitment to gender equality by joining GAIA

February 24, 2024

Grodan has officially joined GAIA, which is dedicated to supporting the fourth agricultural revolution in Europe by supporting inclusive and sustainable solutions. In fact, Grodan is proud to be GAIA’s first partner from the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) sector. “This enables us to be part of a diverse network of like-minded organisations and individuals with whom we will be working towards addressing the gender inequalities across the agri-tech sector,” comments Gonneke Gerkema, Head of Global Marketing at Grodan.

As part of the company’s mission to ‘help feed and treat the world’, Grodan develops and supplies precision-growing solutions for the high-tech production of fruits, vegetables and medicinal crops. In her contribution to GAIA’s launch event at the European Parliament on 24 January, Gonneke presented details of Grodan’s work and focus on supporting gender diversity internally and externally.

Gender equality helps businesses to thrive

“I have been active in several management teams, but often as the only female. For my daughter and future generations, I have a personal wish to see more gender equality,” stated Gonneke. “But gender equality also helps businesses to thrive. At Grodan, we are committed to promoting gender equality, both within our own organisation and in the CEA sector more broadly.”

According to Gonneke, she is particularly excited about teaming up within the GAIA platform as a way of learning from gender equality-related best practices.

“I hope to discover what can be shared and potentially implemented in other parts of the industry. Additionally, I think we can do more in terms of mentoring and coaching young women, and showcasing females who work in our sector. Last but not least, I strongly support GAIA’s efforts to advocate gender equality in the CEA workforce of the future,” she concluded.

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