What is stone wool?
How is stone wool made?
Why is stone wool suited for growing vegetables?

FAQ Recycling

Are there re-use/recycling opportunities for my used stone wool?
My local/regional waste management isn’t allowing my facility to put these blocks in any waste stream other than landfill and we have nowhere else to put them or store them. How do I deal with my local waste management not knowing a better way to dispose of the blocks?
What can I do to process it myself?
Do I need to separate out the plastic foil (de-sleeve)?
If I compost or backfill with stone wool, will its degradation into the soil increase my heavy metal content? Does the used stone wool release heavy metals?
What grinder/shredder do you recommend?
Is your plastic foil biodegradable? Why not? What are we supposed to do with thousands of single-use plastic wrappers?
Is Grodan stone wool recyclable?
Does Grodan stone wool consist of recycled materials?
How is stone wool non-hazardous/non-toxic?
Does Grodan actually recycle its stone wool?
How is the stone wool media inert?
How is used stone wool beneficial in composts and other applications?
Where does Grodan offer recycling services?