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Watch now: Webinar Root zone management

Hydroponic cultivation on stone wool growing media results in a higher yield per square meter compared to cultivation in soil. In a greenhouse the ultimate climate conditions can be created for plants. This, in combination with Precision Growing, enables growers to give the plant exactly the amount of water and fertiliser it needs. This leads to a strong plant that carries more fruits.

Experiences of 100 µmol at Gernert - by Achim Gernert

Gernert Jungpflanzen, a nursery in Germany, works with 100 umol LED for cultivation. Owner Achim Gernert gives a hands-on presentation sharing his own experiences.

IPS 2021

GO’s & NO GO’s of biological control - by Arjo van Lenteren & Marvin Koot

As rules and regulations for the use of pesticides increase, specialists in plant protection at Biobest Marvin Koot & Arjo van Lenteren share the Go's & No Go's for biological control in propagation.

IPS 2021

Plant resilience – moving forward - by Erik Jaspers

Plantosys advisor Erik Jaspers gives his view on how to create resilient plants by protecting them against insects with beneficials, using the right plant growth enhancers / biological enhancers.

IPS 2021

ToBRFV GCMMV and Cmm in vegetable young plants - by Ines van Marrewijk

Ines van Marrewijk, Product manager agribusiness at Groen Agro Control, explains the importance of hygiene in relation to viruses and bacteria.

IPS 2021

Hybrid light experiences at Gipmans Planten - by Marcel Janssen

Marcel Janssen, Manager Sales at Gipmans Planten, shares his experiences LED in plant propagation, as daily radiation is an important aspect in propagating young plants.

IPS 2021

Watch the IPS 2020 webinar

Because organising international meetings and events was not possible due to the Coronavirus, we decided to change the setup of the International Propagation Seminar on 23rd of September. On this day, we organised our first online International Propagation Seminar. This means we facilitated a content webinar of approximately 1.5 hour instead of the original 2-day program. The theme remained unchanged:


The biggest change is of course that we are not able to facilitate the networking part and the practical visits.  Nevertheless, we guarantee an inspiring program with fascinating speakers from different areas (eg. science, plant breeding, crop specialist) who will shine their light on the latest developments in the area of root zone management.


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Welcome and introduction to Horticulture 4.0 - by Vincent Deenen

Director Marketing Vincent Deenen of Grodan opens the Seminar, and shares his vision on the impact of digitalisation in the horticultural industry and in particular professional propagation.

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Things are getting complicated - by Arne van Aalst

Director Sales North West Europe of Koppert gives his view on developments regarding biological crop protection and natural pollination in propagation.

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Succesfull Healing of Grafted Seadlings - by Jack Mooney

Jack Mooney (nursery manager Costa Group, tomato grower in Australia) gives insight in his extensive knowledge about healing techniques with grafted seadlings.

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It's all about balance - by Eric Hegger

Eric Hegger of Nova crop control gives insight in how plant sap analysis can be used to optimize nutrition strategy


Can we speed up classic breeding processes? - by Mike Poodt

Presentation of Mike Poodt of vegetable breeding company Rijk Zwaan. In this presentation Mike shares how Rijk Zwaan is looking at innovative ways to speed up classic breeding processes

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How power of data results in new product development - by Thomas Peters

Thomas Peters, is crop consultation propagation at Grodan and shares in his presentation how data of the rootzone results in new product development at Grodan


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