After the classic greenhouse vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers), strawberries are also on the rise in high-tech greenhouses. Due to the extensive knowledge that has been gained and the emergence of new techniques, the crop has great potential for year-round cultivation under glass. Not only does this allow growers to better control their strawberry production, but it can also maintain quality and cost-efficiency.

Via this page, Grodan wants to keep you updated on the progress we make in our strawberry project. We are building up knowledge on how young plants are successfully propagated and fantastic strawberries are grown on our stone wool. We are learning a lot at this journey and get very energized from the early results. Do read the info and contact us in case of questions or remarks.

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Food forward: The promising future of strawberry cultivation

New direction in strawberry cultivation

Research Centre Hoogstraten in Belgium is experimenting with growing strawberries by using stone wool growing media and GroSens. In this Gro-Hack, researcher Dieter Baets talks about his initial experiences and why the project is so special – also for him personally.

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Thomas Peters from Grodan guides us in Genson, who has adopted strawberry propagation on stone wool

Together with industry partners Grodan created a series of inspiring videos showing how successful propagation is dependent on a multitude of elements. In this video Thomas Peters visits our partner Genson Group where Thijs van Doorn talks about strawberries propagation on stone wool substrates. Watch it here.

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Precision growing: is giving exactly what the plant needs in every cultivation phase.

Grodan provides growing media which promote better root development, water supply and more uniformity which will result in better yield and quality.

If this catches you’re curiosity.

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