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Extremely detailed real-time insight into the status of your crop and the development over time. Incudes Excel export functionality.

Extensive registration of all important crop-related characteristics and target values.

Your own custom-defined plant characteristics registered in the crop registration module.



View the status of production and plant balance. Overview of root zone and climate-related indicators that manage your crop.

In a single glance view a clear status of the crop and an evaluation of the vegetative and generative actions taken.



Make decisions on irrigation strategy based on detailed and well-founded insights. Maximize substrate yield through real-time insights into water content, EC and temperature.

Root zone
Real-time visualization of the most important root zone data.

Real-time visualization of the most important climate data.

Compare the irrigation strategy of various watering zones.


Production and YieldForecaster

Get insights in your actual and prognosed harvest. The production module is included with the Yieldforecaster. In this module you can view your 4 week out yield forecast. It is an AI driven module which predicts how much yield to expect based your greenhouse data.
Download brochure YieldForecaster for more info (via downloads)

Register your harvest data (including quality and waste information) and view current and historical harvest data.



Reduce the chance of errors through timely alerts when WC and EC are out of range.

Text message alerts when the WC and EC fall outside your custom range.


Climate computer integration

A single screen with climate and root zone information.

e-Gro is compatible with the most common climate computers.


Optimal support

For total peace of mind, our advisors are ready to answer your questions and solve technical issues by email and telephone.

See below the contact information of our Customer Success Managers which are here to help you out with e-Gro.


Personal growing advice

Our advisors help you to get the maximum benefit from e-Gro.

How? Through personal advice based on our knowledge and expertise in substrate cultivation. As your partner, we combine our knowledge and experience with yours to drive superior results.


e-Gro development

Based on feedback that we receive from you,

a dedicated e-Gro team is working on continuous development of the platform to take advantage of new technologies and opportunities and provide greater insights.


Your data is safe

Your data is safe

All data in e-Gro is extremely secure and is stored and processed in accordance with all North American, European and local laws and regulations.

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