New Release e-Gro: More control and better insights on crop growth

1 January 1

At Grodan, we are dedicated to the continuous improvement of e-Gro, our software platform for data-driven precision growing. Hence, we launch various releases throughout the year to deliver new features. The most recent release is a significant improvement to the Crop Module, part of the e-Gro Essential Package. We spoke with e-Gro Product Marketing Manager, Paulina Florax, and Product Manager, Dirk Essing, to learn more about these exciting developments. “This release allows growers to better collect, analyze and view real-time data from their crops anytime, anywhere and on any device,” says Florax. “It’s a significant step towards data driven growing.”

Crop Module


Before we dive into the improvements, let’s explain first the essence behind the Crop Module. This module provides detailed, real-time insight into the status of a plant, helping to set the right cultivation strategy. To truly understand how crops are growing, we need to capture various crop-related measurement and characteristics. That’s why we capture crop data via the Crop Registration Form, which allows the system (and our users) to better understand how crops are growing and translates that data into useful insights and predictions in other e-Gro modules. This empowers the grower to answer questions regarding irrigation strategy and correlations between past and present plant growth.

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